Cherry Yogurt Recipe

I’m sharing an easy Cherry Yogurt recipe below which will become a go to for your family in the month of Ramadan. Considering the heat having yogurt for Sehri is the right move but can be a challenge with the younger Kids. My family members of all age groups enjoy this immensely and I prepare enough to last at least 3 days and pour into cups covering with cling film to lock in the taste and make for easier individual serving.



2 Tablespoons Yogurt

3 Cups Milk

6 tablespoons Nestle Tea Whitener

2 boxes of Cherries unseeded and chopped

Honey to taste



Slightly heat the milk in a pan till it is warm to the touch but not hot. Pour it in a container of your choice to set. Frisk the yogurt culture and the whitener and stir it in the milk.



Blend the milk and yogurt culture for a minute. This will give it the consistency of Greek yogurt.




Cover the dish and place in a warm place like the interior of an oven or a pantry closet for about 6 hours.


Could be a couple of hours more during winter or as less as 4 hours in summers so keep an eye on it.


Once it is set add the unseeded cherries and honey and with a light hand blend well. Keep the cherries chunky for better taste. Serve chilled.


Voila your Cherry Yogurt is ready!


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cheery yogurt


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    Thank you Beautiful Girl 🙂

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    Looks Yummy!

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