Dry Chicken Vegetable with Peanuts

Creating recipes are my thing and once I have an idea in my head I just can’t wait to execute it in the kitchen!

I’m writing down a recipe here for you that I tried out just yesterday. It’s Dry Chicken Vegetable with Peanuts that I served with garlic rice.



Dry Chicken Vegetable with Peanuts



Chicken breast meat cut into strips ½ Kg

2 Capsicum cut into ½ inch squares

2 Onions (medium) cut into ½ inch squares

1 Can of mushrooms chopped

Red chili flakes (To Taste)

Black pepper (To Taste)

Salt (To Taste)

Corn Flour

Cooking oil

1 Knorr chicken cube

Roasted peanuts ½ cup



Take corn flour (1/2 cup) and add red chili flakes, ground red pepper and salt as per your taste. It should be just enough to give the chicken a tang and not too spicy. Coat the chicken strips and set aside

Take a wok and add about 2/3 cup of cooking oil. Heat and fry the strips till golden brown. Try doing them in 2 parts so they don’t stick together. Don’t cook for more than 3 to minutes to avoid drying them up.

Take them out of the wok and set them aside. Now in the oil add all the vegetables and the Chicken Cubes, add salt, pepper and red chili flakes and sauté on a medium flame for 3 to 5 minutes.

Taste the vegetables for the seasoning and add the peanuts and chicken. Toss evenly and serve piping hot with garlic rice. You can find the recipe here






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