High Maintenance? So What!

I’ve been called high maintenance more often than I can count and I’m cool with it. In fact, when I hear it I feel sad that most people consider this to be an insult and are happy being low maintenance. Frankly I’d love it if more people settled less because high-maintenance types not only fulfill more of their desires they actually give other people permission to have their desires satisfied too! Think about that!

The most successful relationships, businesses, and life experiences flow when people are honest about what they need. Being high-maintenance for me is equaling to being truly myself. It’s efficient too because more often than not I get what I want the first time around.

Most people think that being high-maintenance means adopting diva like behavior. Nope it just means that you are putting a priority on having your needs met. And given how hard it is for us to do that sometimes what is often considered fussy is really just self-loving, self-assured behavior.

Being clear about your needs just puts what you expect out there. And if you’re respecting others along the way there’s no reason for you to not receive what’s good for you. In fact there’s everything right about that!

Consider for a moment what’s the opposite of high-maintenance?

Exactly… Low Maintenance!

And what is that?



Those sound like words you’d use to describe a refrigerator or a boring haircut. And you’re neither of those things! You’re a unique human being so ask for what you want and whenever you want. You need never lower your standards or not love yourself or not put yourself first just so people can feel pleased and call you pleasant! And if you are called High Maintenance as a result believe me it’s an easy bargain. Give it a shot!

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