Acceptance: British Royal Family and Meghan Markle

And the most eligible Royal Bachelor in the world Prince Harry of the United Kingdom has

chosen Meghan Markle to be his spouse.

What’s so interesting about this you ask? Well for one the Suits actress is already divorced.

And then she also has quite a few years over Prince Harry. And even though in this age color does

not matter but she is still half black.

So again you ask what the point is?  Isn’t this a good thing? Should not the British Royals be

commended for their whole hearted acceptance of Prince Harry’s lady?

The answer to the above questions is yes, all the way! Of course it’s a great thing! And the point is

that we need to be learning from this acceptance. We here in Pakistan who are always criticizing

life partner choices on the basis of back grounds, ethnicity and marital status. Remember

that these are social prejudices. Islam propagates no such viewpoints. It encourages you to marry

women who are older or divorced or widowed with kids and examples have been laid down by

the Prophet (PBUH) himself.

But we here in Pakistan, living in this day and age consider it a stigma to marry a divorcee or a

woman working in the entertainment industry or who is older even though we have no precedents

for these prejudices.

And finally the point being that if the British Royals who are notoriously conservative can accept

a woman of such diverse back grounds then why can we not do the same here in our society.

Its food for thought.


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