Make your New Year’s Resolution Stick!

Make your New Year’s Resolution Stick!

I am almost always able to make my new year’s resolution stick. Last year I decided I needed to give myself more down time and I needed to work on self-development on an emotional level and I did quite get where I wanted.

The New Year’s resolutions this year were much much more ambitious though! Considering that the resolutions were for an entire decade (ahem you heard that right!) you can imagine that I was a little stressed about ensuring that they didn’t come crashing down!

I’m sharing the 3 important steps I took to make sure I am able to follow through.


  • A Roadmap

I knew exactly what I wanted from life and what to grow into over the next decade and yet I spent almost all of December noting it down, hashing and rehashing and thinking it over. Having a clear vision of what you want is winning half the battle. Remember that it’s all in the head!

  • A Timeline

I kept the timeline easy for me. For everything I wanted to do this new decade I’ve taken baby steps and grown the entire plan over months and years. So basically a little transgression here or there does not make me suffer pangs of frustration or makes me think my resolution is hopeless. I just remind myself that it’s not an overnight change but a gradual evolution and I feel more determined as a result.

  • Starting Late

So yeah this was my most important decision! Even though I had the plan down pat by end December I did not put my resolution into effect till the second Monday of January 2020! Why did I do that? Well resolutions are hard to keep when you are partying and enjoying the holidays. From a happy, carefree time you wake up January 1 and expect to make and uphold lifestyle changes? I didn’t think that was a good idea. So I gave myself a week into the new year to start on my resolutions and it all seems to be falling into place quite well!




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  • Reply Farooq Ahmad January 13, 2020 at 5:42 PM

    All the best with your resolution!🙂

  • Reply Farooq Ahmad January 13, 2020 at 5:40 PM

    Best of f luck with your resolution!🙂

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