How to keep your Hair Healthy and Black when you Age!

Tips: How To keep your Hair Healthy and Black when you Age

Tips to keep your Hair Healthy and Black when you Age

We all age. That’s the truth of life and what we take for granted when we are young is what we covet the most when we grow older. Take for example our hair color. No matter whether we are blonde or brunette the color of our hair fades and grey replaces our natural color.

The problem with grey hair is that no matter what your age they make you look old and washed out. What’s worse we end up not only with grey hair but also weak and unhealthy hair.

But not to worry today we have 5 hair tips to help you ensure that you have black healthy hair when you grow older

1. Eat Amla every day

Now we know that you are surprised by this one but it is a practice in the Subcontinent since thousands of years. Amla or Indian Gooseberry as it is normally called in English is easily available all over Pakistan and it has proven qualities that keep your hair black and healthy. You can eat the dry version that is available all year round and one a day is more than enough. Start eating one today and see the difference in the color and health of your hair today

2. Use Shikakai Oil

Shikakai or Acacia Concinna has long been used to help with hair remedies. From being used as a shampoo to a hair detangler to a dandruff Buster, various concoctions of this native Asian shrub have been used for hair for Thousands of year. One such use is keeping your hair healthy and black by using the Shikakai Oil on the hair. Now if you already have a fav oil it’s not necessary to replace it. Just add a little of this to your regular Hair Oil of preference and you are all set

3. Avoid the excessive use of Peroxide

This one is a no brainer! The more Peroxide you use in your hair the more color molecule you lose. Try and stay away from experimenting on your hair too wildly so when you age you retain the beautiful shine color and texture of your hair

4. Eat a diet rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Of course the more balanced your diet the more your Hair, skin and nails will flourish. Especially for hair eat a diet that consists of Eggs, Spinach, Fish, Nuts and seeds.

5. Make an investment in your old age

Again prepare to keep your beauty intact when you grow older and practice that from this moment onwards. A good diet and looking after your health and your skin and hair is an investment in the future you! Take it seriously and start nurturing yourself to that end. Looking good at 30 isn’t a miracle. Looking good at 60 is so take your body and your skin and hair seriously

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