How to Work from Home during the Corona Lockdown

With more than ¼ of the world in a locked down situation it’s only natural that we are all fretting and coping with this situation the likes of which humans haven’t faced in living memory.

One of our bigger challenges is working from home. It’s just so easy to get distracted, bored or just unable to perform adequately from inside your house.

So here I am outlining a few key points that can help you be focused and productive while working from home.

  1. Keep the routine. Even if your office doesn’t require a video con and you only have emails and projects and calls to make or receive but still get up as per your office routine. Shower, dress up and go to work!
  2. Go to work? Dedicate a quiet corner in your house or bedroom or anywhere you prefer and ensure it meets your needs. For one it should give you privacy. Preferably your work place should be your bedroom and you should lock it against interruptions. And secondly the office you make for yourself should be a comfortable chair/sofa with a table in front of you and charging points so you don’t change your place of work to charge your phone and laptop as that is counterproductive.
  3. Say goodbye to interruptions. Just like you do when you go for work every morning say goodbye to your family formally, tell them you are going for work, ensure they understand you will not tolerate interruptions and walk out. This will ensure you don’t have a concerned sibling/parent/spouse walking in to find out if you are up and working!
  4. Plan your work day carefully. Prepare as if you are in the office and want to get home on time so ensure your deadline is met well in time. Also if you leave your space for lunch etc. time yourself and don’t linger with your family. Trust me an hour will turn into two before ou know it and you will be scrambling at all odd hours to finish your work.


If you follow the above believe me your office work will be done efficiently in half the time you spend at work and give you the pleasure to peruse books or family time or any other activity you want!


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