Dressing Up!

If there is one thing Covid19 has taught me it is the value of looking good to yourself!


In my trainings I constantly talk about the importance of good grooming and looking after oneself. The headiest and happiest feeling is looking into a mirror and liking the person who looks back at you.

So when Covid19 came around and strict quarantine started the first difference that came into my life was the fact that I was transitioning from one pair pf PJs and T shirt to the next till it became a mindless blur with me swapping the PJs for the even more comfortable version the shalwar!

As days turned to weeks and consequently months, morale came down and ennui and depression set in.

Even though there were compounded reasons for this but I set out to set things straight and one of the first tweaks I made was in my wardrobe.

I realized that getting up and getting dressed properly even if casually made a huge difference to my overall ell being. And I also realized that when I as cooking something special for my family turning that into a dinner like event with laying out a fancy table and getting dressed almost compensated for going out for dinners.

I’m a very optimistic person overall but since Covid1 turned our life upside down I’ve always had a sense that our lives have sort of changed forever. And so I look for ways to mitigate my anxiety at a lifestyle that’s totally alien to me but I must say that getting dressed up even when I have no place to go has made all the difference to me.

So stay comfortable but look great as that ive discovered is the way to go!



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  • Reply Mitogs July 14, 2021 at 11:38 PM

    Wow, I just love your shirt you are looking so pretty. I will have to wear this shirt with skinny jeans. Thanks for sharing trendy looks.

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