Meghan and the Royal Split

Meghan and the Royal Split

For now the world is obsessed with Meghan Markle and the Royal Split.

It will not be wrong to say that in a way she has perpetuated this choice since Prince Harry seemed to be pretty much very comfortable to be a Royal before his marriage.

Whatever the list of excuses/reasons the Sussex’ give now the clarity on the situation cannot be missed. Both Prince Harry and Meghan overplayed their hand and as a result lost their titles and most of their advantages as senior royals

They took away the privilege of their son growing up in the Royal Family which should never be lost sight of. That kid was born into the most powerful royalty in the world which is an advantage that maybe one in a billion kids are blessed at birth with. With the reason of giving that child an ordinary life (duh) they managed to take away a world that was rarest to be born into.

They made fools of themselves by showing impatience and a lack of good taste where it was the utmost requirement as the palace has made it clear that the Queen had told them to hold off the announcement and enter in negotiations with her first. So much for financial autonomy when they are now dependent on Prince Charles and his income.

In typical Pakistani Style my mom while discussing this with me pointed out how for generations our elders talk about the pitfalls of marrying beneath you. Where I totally believe in the equality of all humans I am forced to think maybe someone from an aristocratic background or from a more groomed family might not have behaved in a better manner. Her father after all is the spectacle of all tabloids….


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