Personal Style: Shades

Sure we use sun glasses to complete our look in the daytime and the latest trendy versions are always on our wish list

but shades are more than a mere fashion accessory.

They prevent headaches if you drive during daytime and consistently wear them and most certainly prevent dark

circles and crow’s feet around the eyes which is a natural outcome of sun exposure to your eyes.

It is usually better to invest in a good pair of shades and build your collection from there as the lens of lower quality

sunglasses can affect our eyesight.

I personally prefer aviators as they are not only a bold fashion statement on a woman but are consistently trendy

and never go out of style.

If and when buying a good pair of glasses it is advisable to match the shade of the lens with your skin tone and your

hair color. For someone like myself who constantly experiments with her hair this is a top priority as I like to invest

in good quality designer accessories which aren’t exactly regular purchases.

So go out there and try out a pair yourself and never leave house without them during the daytime!



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    Nice Article. Totally loved it. worth reading

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    Rayban looks good

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