An Adventure with Plum Hair

An Adventure with Plum Hair

An Adventure with Plum Hair


Yeah Yeah I know I talk about my hair a little too much but you’ve got to admit that a change in hair color can be

quite an adventure and quite the morale booster too.

So I set out to go see my hair stylist Aphey for a root touch up which she refused on the grounds that the roots were

negligible and seeing how despondent I was she gave me a 1 week make over.

Guess what? In 25 min I went from being a sophisticated ash blonde to looking like a crazy berry smoothie.


It brought out the teenager in me! All the awe I had for the mind blowing cool “Punks” who dominated the late 80’s

early 90’s scene and who could never be emulated in my culture and country came crashing back and all of a sudden

I was totally lit up with excitement.

So amid screams of horror from my mom and derisive snorts of my brother I embarked on rocking my crazy giddy

pink purple hair for a week!


Below I am pasting pix of my happy excited week and believe me I had a ball with my hair!

So all you repressed souls go out and give yourself an adventurous week or a month or even a year!

Go for a short term fling or a long term love affair with a new hair color and rock it!



Day 1:    IMG_20170720_041446_997


I rocked my plum hair with a nude makeup look and my fav Bareez’e Jorra.

Bareeze being versatile as a both appropriate for day

and evening wear to say nothing of colors that blow your mind.

I kept my jewelry  to a minimal as it was my first day with the color

and I was testing the waters



Day 2:   IMG_20170720_012250_170


I decided I didn’t really need a nude canvas for my hair so rocked a deep

Burgundy top with a whole lot of bling.

Not only did I jazz it up with the necklaces and some

glitzy bangles I also wore a coral lip color.



Day 3:    IMG_20170721_012545_248


Just a trifle bolder I got. I rocked my hair with a neutral grey Khaadi ka

jorra but heavy

eye makeup and a matching lip gave me a confidence boost for the day.

I also experimented with Beach waves for this day.



Day 4:                                                                                                                       IMG_20170722_140905_108

Yippee it’s the weekend so I chose to wear

a hand painted chiffon deep green kurta with

Michael Korrs heels and my sapphire jewellery. The lips went nude but

the eyes I jazzed up with this great green shimmer

I picked up from Nars on my last trip.


All in all I had a fabulous day! So Girls go for it!

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