Scared at Night?

It’s quite common for us to have sleep paralysis. At some point or the other everyone in their life goes through that scary moment when you are unable to move whether you are asleep or in the process of waking up.

It’s scary and haunting and seriously not funny even though there is a reasonable scientific explanation for it and you can school your mind in it.

However some people face a bigger quandary. They see shadows, hear voices or noises or wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares and fear.

Where I am not qualified to comment on that I do pretty much know of an excellent proven method to get rid of them!

Once you are in bed for the night close your bedroom door and start with Bismillah and then recite first kalma and third kalma together. Do it once, do it twice and then do it a third time and make sure you recite this out loud.

After that clap your hands loudly together three times and then blow on your right index finger. After that move that index finger anti clockwise around your room mapping it in a sealing motion.

Recite the four kul and ayatul kursee softly optional) and fall asleep  🙂

Guaranteed to keep the scary goons away!!!

Just remember that if you way up in the middle of the night and leave your room for water or go to the loo you need to reseal the room in the same way.



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