Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day


I hear people exclaim about how Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and so many others we celebrate are oh so Ferangi! They have no roots in our culture and certainly none at all in our Deen.

True that all above. But I have a simple question. A chance to connect, make small gestures that count and spending some time in the company of your beloved, what is so wrong about that. What are these days except a chance to reconnect and make a few meaningful gestures that we are scarce able to make due to the shortage of time in our lives.ami n i


In my family we love celebrating Mother’s day!

The Matriarch of our Family buys/cooks us a fantabulous meal and we all get together and exchange some flowers and cards and gifts.

Having two brothers and an assortment of nieces and nephews means I am a mummy to more than just my own solitary kid and that makes me so so happy! My nieces and nephews always bring me some flowers and chocolate to mark the day with wishes and it’s a great way of bonding. We all kiss and hug and eat and joke and enjoy loads. A simple so called Ferangi occasion with just a simple celebration that makes the day very special for all us ladies.

So let’s stop to think for a moment: what is more important? The discarding of joy by labeling it as foreign or the chance to get together and make an ordinary day special?

As for me, like the other ladies in my family! This day is oh so special to me


I would love to mothers day 1hear how you spent your mother’s day. So leave a comment!




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