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Influencers: A Force To Be Reckoned With Nazneen Tariq Khan | Trends | Accessories

For anyone who goes on around Karachi you would know Nazneen Tariq Khan at sight as she is part of the happening crowd around the city.

But the first thing to strike you would be the level of energy that this lady exudes. Her charm is potent her exuberance contagious and her wit, razor sharp.

As slowly you get to know her you understand that the Brand she is today has been made up with decades of sheer hard work and the confidence in her own abilities to be able to do whatever she sets out to.

Starting out in the early 80s she made a name for herself around town by providing stitching services for the elite of Karachi. Quickly her sense of design and aesthetics made her a hot favorite amongst her clients and she found herself designing wardrobes for every high profile lady around the country including Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto!

In the early 2000s she branched out her business and added jewelry to her portfolio also. Now she has the classiest blend of Ethnic and International inspired pieces in her studio and frankly speaking her pieces of jewelry to die for!

Her endeavor you ask? To be able to provide inspiration to people who find themselves at the end of their rope and to give them incentive to go on.

Quite a few try to copy her but this dame is the original! Next time you want a piece of accessory to make you stand out from the crowd head over to Nazneen!


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