The Perfectly Beautiful Feet

When I was growing up facing the normal adolescent insecurities there was one looming shadow upon it all. My Feet. They were just not beautiful. Neither were my hands for that matter but my feet were a constant source of sorrow to me. I would try to clip my toenails in various shapes and paint them with all new hacks I came across in an effort to make my feet look nice but usually to no good effect.

And slowly but surely life took over, I grew up and into my skin and other more pressing demands began to take up my attention. It was only a few years back that I realized that if anyone ever commented about my feet it was always positive and certainly they were generally looked upon with admiration.

I never really took anyone seriously, I mean, come on, the only reason people ever look at my feet is because obviously anyone sporting gorgeous impossibly high heels will have their feet admired? Right? Wrong. I didn’t deliberately set out to make them look good I realize now. The change came about gradually due to my cultivated lifestyle and cleanliness fetish.

Feet like faces and body come in all shapes and sizes. And anything no matter what shape, can be made flattering if you know the how to. Today I’m going to share a few simple life style changes that don’t involve expensive pedicures but will turn around the way your feet look.

  • Keep them clean.

Sounds obvious hmm? Not so. Sure we wash them when we shower. But if you are not an “I must shower before I sleep no matter how clean I am” person like me then you better think again. By the end of a day it doesn’t matter if you were wearing heels or boots, your feet have gathered more dust and grime then your face ever can.

Sure we clean, scrub and moisturize our faces every night before bed and the majority would do the same for their hands also, but what about our feet? Whether they spent the day in sandals, mules, boots or flip flops, they gathered enough grime to merit a thorough wash!

After washing your face just wash your feet with soap and water or like me with the hand wash on your sink and then rinse. I keep a heavy moisturizer on my bedside for my feet and hands to get some TLC.

Heavy cleaning is only for once a week or if I am crazy busy once in two weeks. Soak your feet in water as hot as you can take. (Everyone has a different threshold) Put Shampoo, Foot soak or plain old salt in the water and soak till water turns lukewarm. Then scrub your feet and clean under the nails with a tooth brush and push away cuticles with the pointy end of a metal nail file.

Of course while showering give a minute to your feet. Ensure you wash between the toes and keep a foot file handy to give the heels a once go over.

Sounds simple enough and takes a couple of minutes at night and in the shower but within a week you will see the very tone of your feet change. They will look healthier, prettier and naturally well groomed.

  • Moisturize your Feet

Like I mentioned earlier I always keep my feet moisturized. Now the heavy (try non greasy) moisturizer you keep on your bedside and slather on your feet every night will ensure your feet stay moisturized during the day.

However best course is to moisturize them lightly after your shower every day also. Beware that your day time moisturizer is very light and fast absorbing. Anything otherwise can tan your feet or make them sweat in boots or slide forward uncomfortably in heels

As a Moslem who prays the proscribed five prayers my feet tend to become extremely dehydrated as they get washed five times a day during my ablutions and I don’t have the time to moisturize them every time afterwards. For that I have the perfect solutions (works for me definitely!). Take a spray bottle and fill it with water. Add in just a few drops of olive oil and leave. After every ablution shake gently and spray your feet with it. Then just ensure you spread the spray all over your feet. Voila! Your feet will be non-greasy and supple like a child’s in only a few days of this

  • Keep your toe nails short and painted/buffed

Keep them short! The longer the toenails the more unkempt your feet will look. Keep them short. Put on your nail color thrice a week (nothing will give you a glee trip like looking down on fantastic feet!) or just buff them once a week.

Cheers to your very pretty feet!

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