Tao: A Restuarant Review, Karachi

Tao: A Restuarant Review, Karachi

I am a fan of Gin Soy for Chinese Food in Karachi and for Thai I prefer going to Fuchsia.


Last night my daughter and I craved Chinese and since it was Sunday we were of course told that even at 10:30 PM on a Sunday night there was another 1.5 hour wait at Gin Soy Shahbaz. We thought we would go to Suzie Wong in Marriot which is again a preferred Chinese eatery but my brother suggested Tao. We had been there once before but that was just before we were leaving for a party and so we had Tom Yum Soup and dynamite prawns which were both fairly good with the soup being as close to the original Thai as can be expected.

So off to Tao we went and what a big mistake that was!

We ordered a selection of soups that included Tom Yum but imagine our surprise when we tasted to our distress the soups with Tom yum being the only edible selection on the table. Even simple soups like Hot and Sour and Chicken Corn were barely tolerable. Along with the soups we had Dynamite Prawns, Prawn Tempura, Chicken Boneless in a honey sauce and spring rolls. The Chicken wings we wanted to order were cancelled by us because we wanted the soup and starters together an apparently the wings needed more than 20 minutes to cook…?

So uh with the exception of the dynamite prawns and the Rolls the rest was all mediocre to say the least with the tempura prawns of impressive size but the accompanying dip was so tasteless that the tempura was consequentially tasteless too.

On to the main courses now. I will keep this brief as the taste of the food last night and the excess of 10 Thousand bill I paid for 4 people is still grating on me.

The chicken lemon was Pathetic. With the lemon sauce so sweet it wasn’t even funny! Since it was my daughter’s main course selection and it was her cheat day after a week of healthy and sparse eating, we as a family were even more distressed. The Pad Thai noodles were Icky and so soggy we all left off eating them. The garlic rice clumpy and the garlic prawn without any special fire to it.

Over all an extremely disturbing experience that will certainly never be repeated. Tao doesn’t even merit a 4 over 10 as a dining experience. Unless you prefer Ambience over good old food!


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