LinkedIn Protocol

LinkedIn is an extremely popular and very effective professional site for connecting with not only likeminded professionals but to also connect with an individual or company to further your own professional demands.

I have been a constant user of LinkedIn for more than a decade now and always feel that it’s a blessing.

Especially now that I am exploring the full potential of my digital platform it’s easy to reach out to company’s and brands that otherwise never have professional teams looking into their social media accounts.

However there is a downside to LinkedIn. Or maybe I should say that in recent years a lot of people have started using LinkedIn as a social site. So here are a few protocols that we should all adhere to while using LinkedIn.

  • Hi is not a message. Nor is Salam nor is how are you. If you are in boxing any of your connections then start with a greeting and go on to state the full reason why you are messaging them.


  • If the intention of the message is just to reconnect then state that clearly. Write down your greeting and in a few words tell them you are happy to be connected with them and that you went over their profile again and are happy at their success.


  • Kindly never ask personal questions like are you married etc. from a lady. Remember you are connected with her. If she is interested in anything but a professional liaison she would have connected with you.


  • It is ok to ask for a reference or an introduction from one of your connections with someone they are connected to but you can’t reach. Again be precise about your request.


  • Please don’t connect with the opposite gender and tell them you are wanting to get to know them better or want to chat with them. If you really are totally floored by something you can directly send them a message stating so and ask permission to connect with them on any of their social media accounts.


  • Please note that a no means no. And no, a man who doesn’t understand this small word is never appealing to a woman (just saying).


  • Please don’t ask anyone for their WhatsApp under any circumstances. If you want to connect with the directly clearly ask for their number telling them exactly what the purpose of your phone call to them will be. If they would rather receive an email or just inbox from you, respect their decision. We all lead busy lives. Respect other peoples time.


  • Don’t take the liberty of messaging, calling or emailing on the numbers provided without a prior inbox to ask if it’s ok to do so.


  • If you are messaging someone on LinkedIn try to ensure it’s within reasonable office timings. If you are connecting with someone out of your time zone, apologize for the hour, state your time zone concern and then go on to state your business. LinkedIn messages at midnight are only make you appear uncouth and unprofessional.



As already stated LinkedIn is a professional site and as such Professional protocols must be maintained there at all times. If you would like to take full advantage that this site can present for you just follow the simple tips above.


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