Date night Ideas for Valentines

So a couple of days are left and mostly the men and some women are scrambling to make

reservations for the valentines night dinner. With our expectation brackets conforming to the

norm we are all of course pining for the candlelit romantic dinner for two.

But for those of us who have been there and done that we know how over rated that is with most of

the better restaurants rushing your dinner and giving specific timelines because it’s a day for them

to capitalize and earn and the entire dinner experience feels hurried with none of the romance

that we would like to enjoy.

And by the way the so called norms really aren’t as romantic as we would like to believe.

So once you have a valentines date identified the best thing to do is strategize your plan by

evaluating what exactly does the person you want to spend time with will like? What will be a

shared experience and will make you both happy?

Remember it’s not the environment it’s the experience that will help you collect a happy memory.

So I’ve collected a few ideas as under for you to explore or take inspiration from.

Stay home.

If you are a couple with growing kids you know that finding someone to babysit or leaving the kids

with the help with always be an edgy experience with you both likely rushing through the logistics

and so on. So request one of the grandparents to allow the kids to have a sleepover with them.

Drop them there on time and leave yourself plenty to dress up and enjoy a meal with each other at

home. Being home doesn’t make it any less romantic. You can have all the candles, flowers and

privacy over your dinner while knowing the kids are in good hands.

You can get food delivered or if you are both foodies maybe you can cook together for each other

and make the entire preparation a part of the evening.

Adding a good movie or fav music will make it an evening to remember.

You can go out for a drive with your fav music and maybe experience some, in the car, street food

that you otherwise won’t have the time or leisure to eat. You can also go watch a movie or drop by

the beach for a long relaxed talk and maybe a stroll.

And if your date is a grandparent then taking them to a long forgotten haunt/restaurant/park

which they remembered from younger times can be a hit for them. It will give you a reason to

engage them in conversations about themselves and nothing makes a Grandie happier than to talk

about their past!

You can also take out old pictures and cards to sit down with a beloved sibling or a parent

and relive the past with them through these.

You can also maybe cook for them or treat them to a movie and music of their youth in your room.

It will bring back memories for them and help them relive the past for a while which is something

they always love.

So think out of the box this year and make a happy memory with your beloved which will stay

with you both for times to come!

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