Voice Note Protocols

Voice Note Protocols

Everyone and I mean everyone uses the Voice Note Feature from WhatsApp. It’s fast, its convenient and certainly a blessing when you are in the middle of driving, working or something other that requires you to leave a message urgently.

I myself am quite a fan and it’s my preferred mode of communication but where VNs are a blessing there they can also be quite evil!

We all have that someone in our lives whose VNs we don’t want to listen to. Or there are times when we see a message and it’s a 2 minute long VN and we wonder as to who is going to take out the time to listen to that?!

Frankly we should all remember that abusing the VN feature is simply in bad taste. Crass and quite crude.

If the answer while you are chatting or VNing is yes please type that. A VN isn’t necessary to say that. And if you have a longer point to make or a reminder or a message please remember to keep it short and concise. It’s not a telephone call it’s a Voice Note. Keep it short and sweet.

I always advise people I train to never send a VN to your Boss. Not proper Professional Etiquette. Same goes for someone you are on relatively on formal terms with. VNs should be reserved for casual acquaintances and close family members only and should be used only when you have a point to make and can’t type that long as you are in the middle of something. Remember always that the way you communicate is how people will judge you so keep it short, sweet and on a needs be basis only.



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