How Painful is a Navel Piercing?

How painful is a Navel Piercing?

So piercings of all sorts seem to be competing for the lime light with tattoos. With the rise of the Trend of Body Art all over the world it’s no wonder that everyone is looking to find out more about the hows of piercings.

Frankly a belly piercing was on my bucket list for a very long time but what with a fear of getting infected or not finding a piercing studio equipped enough for the service and a very low threshold of pain it somehow never got done. My interest was revived this year when I decided to burn through my bucket list on my Birthday this year!

Having a relatively high pain-o-meter (whatever that means) I decided against getting it done while travelling and being away from the comfort of my home and started exploring studios here in Karachi.

Bottom line I did my research and paid the studio at least 3 visits asking a dozen questions each time till I was satisfied and then one day walked in for my piercing.

On a scale of one to ten, I would place the actual piercing experience at a 6 with one being a paper cut and 10 being an ankle sprain. It hurts while the piecing was being done. Where I was assured it will only take less than five seconds it turned out that it took about a good 45 seconds and halfway through I requested that the process be aborted. However I sat through it and it was a piece of cake after that. No pain during the rest of the procedure and a painkiller assured a calm and pain free time afterwords.

More emphasis is on the post piercing care but I will write about that some other time.

If you are exploring piercings you can read this



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