Top Pakistani Movies 2017

Top Pakistani Movies 2017



So the year 2017 has ended and with new hopes for new beginnings we step into 2018.

The year has been most interesting for the Pakistani Film Industry with the Lollywood as we like to

call it finally becoming mainstream with more and more Pakistanis from every walk of life coming

to see their local cinematic efforts.

With movies like Arth which had great expectations attached to it failing miserably and movies like

Mehrunisa we lub you coming up as unexpected high grossers the year has been a surprise albeit a

good one.

We at Team Tvinkal have picked our favorites from year 2017 and are sharing the list with you.

In case you missed it on the big screen do go ahead and watch these now


#4: Mehrunisa we lub you

A good effort surely but it had some major scrip flaws. However it came across as an honest effort

that desperately wanted to showcase a change in our outlooks. For that and the fact that it is one of

the top grossers of the year we have showcased the movie here

mehru 612-427




The sheer brilliance of Gohar Rasheed carried this movie to an entirely new level. Couple that with

a great sound track and the movie is firmly on our fav list




We will be lying when I say that this movie was my biggest disappointment this year. We were so

eager to see (along with almost 90% of all Paki cinema goers) what Shoaib Mansoor had created

this time around that when Verna actually hit the screens the disappointment was tangible.

However the subject picked was perfect and if the expectations from the Director who is perhaps

the force behind the revival of the Pakistan Big Screen weren’t so high we would be able to be more

subjective about this movies pros and cons. All in all it was still a great effort and as such deserves

the #2 spot on our list

Verna (Review)


#1: Punjab Nahee Joun Ge

There is no question that this movie is our number one choice as the best Pakistani Movie of the

year. With brilliant performances, a good script and perfect casting this was one very funny and

endearing movie. Sure it could have used some improvement in some areas but it was a great movie

overall and we are still using the 24/7 as a fav on our gym playlist


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    na maloom afraad bhe achee thee.

    • Reply tvinkal January 12, 2018 at 9:59 AM

      Yes but Rania it didnt tickle my funny bone!

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