Another one of Deepika Padukone’s movie make sit to the 100 Crore Club once again

consolidating her position as the number 1 leading lady of Bollywood.

Strangely though this time around Deepika came across as insipid with hardly the grit that the

movie required. She was supposed to be beautiful and emotional and intelligent but she played the

role with a tightness that was a disappointment.

Couple that with the main hero being Shahid Kapoor and the movie took a nose dive. His height

and body structure is so uncomplimentary to Deepika’s and that is an understatement. Unfortunate

requirement of his role was to wear all those angrakhas and embroideries and Shahid just looked

even more effeminate in the role. Doesn’t matter how many times the director showed off his abs he

just didn’t come across as a proud powerful king with strength of mind and an iron clad code of


The second half of the movie was a disaster and that too is an understatement.

The first half that moved the plot at a brisk pace started dragging in the second half and the finale

came across again as unfinished business.

And we are not even talking about how history has been mangled and a Muslim king demeaned and so on.

But if you like movies with powerful performances then this one is a must see. The movie is

nothing but Ranvir Singh. He has delivered the most commanding performance of his life so far

as an actor. The savagery, the raw power and the obsession was what kept the movie from being a

total loss. He alone carried the movie through with his aura and depiction of a cruel debauched



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