A Quick Home Cooked Achar! Let’s Try Pickles – A Desi Recipe!

A Quick Home Cooked Achar! Let's Try Pickles - A Desi Recipe!

So yeah. I’ve actually done the home made pickles routine with my mom and grand ma once and

I know what a big long winding frustrating road that is!

From the procurement of the big earthenware jars to the cutting, chopping and mixing to the actual

letting it be before edible, that is a long long route.

And today I got you a shortcut for a quick cook homemade pickle recipe!

It’s as good as or even better than the traditional homemade Achar. It’s a quick fix and tastes

preeetttty good!

So here goes



Cauliflower: Break out in shape of individual flowers

Carrots: ½ inch wide and chopped 1 ½ inch in length

Lemon: Cut in wedges

Green Chilies: Slice the top and bottom. Let the rest be intact

Ginger: Chopped in ¼ inch width and 1 inch long

Garlic: Don’t chop. Just peel and let cloves remain intact

Turnip: Dice into small pieces to match the size of the rest of the veggies

Use the above in quantities of your choice

Olive or mustard oil: As per requirement. It should be enough to make a base. 2 cups behind ½ kg

of Veggies.

Turmeric powder: Half a teaspoon

Salt: To taste

White Vinegar: ½ cup if you have about ½ kg of mixed veggies.

Black Pepper Corns: As per your desired quantity

White cumin: At least a couple of Table spoons

Ground Red Chilies: As per taste



Boil all the veggies for 2 to 3 minutes except the Green Chilies, Ginger and Garlic. Once they are

boiled lay them out to dry completely.

Put the rest (Green Chilies, Ginger and Garlic) in a bowl. Add the dried veggies to the same bowl.

Pour and mix the White Vinegar on them.

Heat the oil in a pan. Don’t make it too hot. When it’s a mild temperature add the Turmeric

Powder, Black Pepper Corns, White Cumin, Salt and Ground Red Chilies to the pan. Ensure that

the temp is not too hot otherwise the spices will burn. Once done just add these to your dried


Now dump the oil with the spices on the bowl of veggies and viola your Pickles are ready.

Oh wait! Let it sit in the fridge in an air tight glass jar for 3 days before you start to consume it.

It will keep for a easy 8 weeks if you don’t finish it before!




You can add any other veggie you like. Cucumber, mushrooms, beans and baby onions often

makes a great addition.


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