Garlic Cheese Dip


Garlic Cheese Dip


Oh we all love fried stuff whether it is kebabs or fries, samosas, pakoras or tempuras! I atleast just love to stuff myself with all this fried mumbo jumbo Punjabi Style!  🙂

So today I am sharing a quick and easy dip which will give an edge to all and I mean all your fried food fantasies and realities and also make a great addition to your hostess trolley/table.


It’s a garlic cheese dip with a little twist so here goes..!


Ingredients:  dip 3

Mayonnaise: 4 Table Spoons

Cheddar Cheese Grated: 2 Table Spoons

Ground Garlic: 1/2 Tea Spoon

White pepper powder: To Taste  dip 4 - Copy

Salt: To Taste

Oregano: To Garnish

Black Olives Chopped: To garnish

Jalapenos: To Garnish  dip 1


dip 2







Mix together the Mayonnaise, Cheese and Garlic well ensuring that the garlic is not clumped together.

Add white pepper and salt according to your taste. This is usually necessary if the mayonnaise is store bought as it has a distinctive sweet flavor that you don’t want your dip to have. Add some olives to the dip also (optional but I usually do) and serve.

Can easily keep in the fridge for 24 hours in case you are pre prepping for guests and if placed in an airtight jar you can refrigerate for up to 15 days max.

Garnish with a pinch of Oregano and Jalapenos.



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