Jab Harry Met Sejal

Jab Harry Met Sejal


Jab Harry Met Sejal  jabb 4


Opinion of the movie depends upon every

individual viewer’s expectation.

After all it is a ShahRukh Khan flick!

A melodious, captivating and easily forgettable sound

track with numbers like hawain and safar make this 13

songer flick relatively easy on the ears. Phurr

being an exception as it was more a fun happy



The backdrop is the best and most beautiful that Europe has to offer with every single frame focusedjabb 3

on reminding us exactly where its shot making the movie very easy on the eyes.

Even the few shots in Punjab

are a gorgeous competition to its European counterparts.

The characters of both Harry and Sejal are very captivating and

quite quirky and

therefore very easy on the laughs.

However stereotyping them as typical Punjabi and Gujrati was not

a bright move

by the very versatile and easily one of the top dogs director Imtiaz


But that is the extent of the movie. There is no plot and certainly

no story.

With powerhouses like Shahrukh and Anushka the characters could have become legends.

The chemistry between the two is so strong it lends the plotless hurl towards the end game believable.

Only problem being that the charecter development was inconsistent resulting in jabb harry 2

contradictory and

sometimes plainly erratic behavior.

With a director as superb as Imtiaz Ali a little more depth was to be


But hey! Don’t let me bring you down about an SRK Flick.

Go watch it and have an easy three hours that is good for

quite a few snickers. Just don’t try to analyze or think over the movie.



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