Political Small Talk

Political Small Talk

My passion for my Country, my beloved Pakistan is immense. The anger I harbor against those in power and their

abuse of the assets that are in their custody makes my heart bleed.

However I keep these sentiments to myself.

I firmly believe that an empowered and educated person of my maturity should not be riling against the government.

S/he should be out on the streets making a difference.

And if I or other people of my cadre are not fighting against the system than we have no right to make this our go to

small talk or the forefront of our social conversations.

After all how do we believe the change should come around?

Are we expecting the little people to go out there and change the country for us?

Are they not already struggling to put food in the mouths of their families?

Are they not already struggling to live on wages that cannot even begin to cover the expenses of their  households?

It is us the educated, the empowered, the ones who have reaped happiness, satisfaction, success amongst other

things from our Country who have to initiate the change.

To that end I keep my frustration and being hindered at speaking out privately bottled up and remind myself firmly

that it is a failing on my personal end that has resulted in my disability to be able to contribute even slightly towards

bringing about a much needed change.

And today I request anyone or everyone who is reading this article and is guilty of indulging in the so called political

small talk that forms the backbone of most of our social interactions at get-togethers to ask them self this question.

Are we really entitled to be indulging in criticism and speculation?

How are we in our personal capacities making a contribution to a Pakistan that will be a better place for our kids

and then theirs?

Are we doing anything small or big that might bring about a social, cultural or political modification to

the current system?

We must always remember that it is the small things that count.

One person refusing to follow the rule of the oppressors, no matter how small the capacity, can bring about

an entire revolution.

Let’s think of something big or small social/cultural/political that we can do in our personal capacity which can be

a contribution towards the betterment of Pakistan and its people.

It could be as small as teaching to read and write to the kids of the staff members working in our houses.

Or dishing out a scholarship for a poor but excellent student so s/he can advance in life or it could

be a neighborhood cleanliness initiative. Let’s teach our kids the value of this country we call home and let’s teach

them that we all must do something in our capacity to contribute towards our Country and its people in some ways.

We must never forget that Pakistan is our Mother.

The land which gives us our identity.

We should not be ashamed of her and hide her behind our fancy foreign accents and our dual citizenships!

We should bring her out there at the forefront of our identities and give her the respect that is her due.

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