A Newly Discovered Facial


A Newly Discovered Facial

So TnG is my go to place for facials. But recently while getting a hair color change I availed facial at Aphey the Stylists studio. What started as an effort to save some time turned into quite a luxurious treatment with a glow that is still going strong after a good two weeks.

The entire experience was flawless and lasted one and a half hours at the end of which my skin looked rejuvenated and totally freshened.

Mostly the facial treatments I get fail to totally eliminate all blackheads from my face and that is always my foremost complaint as I can spot even the tiniest blackhead on my face and itch to push it out. But the facial at Aphey’s studio was a cleansing dream.

My preferred reason for going to TnG is the lovely aroma that surrounds the entire experience which was quite nicely replicated here and didn’t leave me wanting to go back to my comfort zone.

I also had the advantage of receiving the facial from the stylist herself and I believe that this facility can be requested of her by her clients.

Upon inquiry I was told that my facial is a combo of a variety of their facials which had been customized for me on the spot to meet the requirements of my skin keeping in mind factors like my age, lifestyle and skin health.

For anyone of you who wants to avail this service I am posting below a few details of their most popular facial treatments


  • Basic Express: A 30 min retinue that cleanses with a scrub and mask

(Very popular for people coming in for a color touchup for obvious reasons)


  • Acne Response: A 45 min service that combats pimples, Acne, Pus and Blackheads without over drying the skin


  • Thermogenic Brightening Facial: A 60-90 min service which encompasses a whitening session that eliminates the dark melanin, produces collagen, enhances elasticity and takes you one shade lighter with every session


  • Hylleronic Botox Lifting: A 1 hour variable facial service that differs from skin to skin and gives a 4D luminosity effect with Hylleronic acid. Can include a lifting treatment with a Collagen basing or Botox lifting.


If anyone has tried any of the above do leave a comment. In case you would like to get in touch for service just seek them out at Aphey the Stylist on Facebook






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