Right of Passage!

Right of Passage


When I was growing up I use to hear grumblings about all creatures other than people, cars,

rickshaws and buses that use our roads alongside us.

The donkeys were silly! The cows a nuisance! The manure they left on the streets a hazard and so

on and so forth.

Of course at that time we would spot anything from camels to herds of sheep and buffaloes

sharing our path ways.

But the general consensus was that we are backward hicks and this only happens in our parts of

the world and other blah.

As is the case that was ingrained and I always looked upon them as a nuisance also.

But age and experience evolves you in beings other than who you were brought up to be and we

become what we were meant to be.

Life has been kind to me and my biggest asset is a mindset where the small pleasures of life make

me feel incredibly happy.

And so this herd of gorgeous cattle at 8 am that delayed my journey on the road by a good 2

minutes (OMG! Awful waste of time!) has put a smile on my face that is still there.

Let us celebrate being Pakistanis! Let us celebrate the creatures that coexist with us!

Let us celebrate our Culture our Society and please let us stop emulating other cultures and

Societies as the epitome of correct.

What is more correct then Allah creatures using our roads along with us?

Think about that one and if you are curious about happiness cultivation read this article.




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