Phatkiri (Alum) and its Uses


Phatkiri (Alum) and its Uses


I have always been big on home remedies or totkas as we Pakistanis refer to it generally. All my life I have always listened carefully to the other generation when they discuss their remedies or when they advise one another on problems being discussed.

To the tips I picked up all these years I added my own experiments to see how I could customize solutions to my end and my life is full of such paraphernalia.

One of the oldest remedies I have been using from my mid-teens is the use of Phatkiri better known as Alum in English. This is a must have in my storage cabinet and my washroom at all times. I am sharing the uses that we can put this miracle to below for my readers


Liquid Form: Prepration

alum 2

The easiest way to use Phatkiri is to make it into a liquid form.

Take a bottle (preferably pump top. You can recycle an old shampoo or hand wash bottle by soaking it overnight in detergent or dishwashing soap and wash and air dry it the next day)

Add water to it preferably mineral or boiled and add Phatkiri chunks to it. I break it up with a hammer before mixing as usually the chunks are bigger than the mouth of the bottle.

Let it rest overnight and your Phatkiri solution is ready. You will see that for weeks after there are chunks of Phatkiri in the water. This should not be a problem as the stronger the Phatkiri water the more effective it is.


Add about 25 grams of Phatkiri to 500 ml of water


TIP: Use about 50 grams of Phatkiri and keep replenishing the water. The Phatkiri mixture will be strong and water can be added to it from time to time till all Phatkiri does not dissolve. After that you can add more Phatkiri or finish the solution and clean the bottle again before use.




  • Phatkiri is absolutely the best deodorant to be had. Apply the solution just like deodorant at the end of your bath and spend the entire day in confident comfort. For ladies I would suggest that you add a table spoon of Coconut oil to the solution also as that will leave you with a sweet smell and whiter underarms in the long run. However be cautioned that once you add the Coconut oil to the solution then this particular bottle can be used as your deodorant only. It is ill advised to use it for any of the other remedies listed


  • Phatkiri has always been renowned for its antiseptic qualities. Keep a bottle of the solution as described under preparation in your washroom. It is excellent for minor cuts, abrasions and scrapes. Even for deeper cuts this is my go to as its stops the bleeding almost immediately


  • Long term hair removal is another benefit of Phatkiri. It is a must use right after waxing or threading. Use it on your upper lips right after threading or on body parts that have just undergone the waxing procedure. Not only will it discourage any unwanted abrasive pimples but will also hamper hair growth so after a few months only you will feel a drastic reduction in hair growth. Also sometimes we have a few stubborn hair on a part of our face. Just ensure you slather that hair root with this solution after every removal and the hair will disappear in a few months altogether


  • Acne? No worries. Just take a drop and put on your pimple and in a day or so the pimple will disappear. Do it a few times every day. If you are like me and have to pick every white or blackhead on your face well follow it up immediately with Phatkiri to avoid inflammation or infection.


  • Blisters in the mouth? Sore gums? Just rinse your mouth with the Phatkiri solution after you have brushed the teeth for the night and you will wake up with a mouth without any issues. Only downside is the aweful aweful taste of Phatkiri. So best is to rinse your mouth when you know it’s time to hit the bed



I hope that the list above will be of some benefit to my readers. In case you have experience with other remarkable uses of Phatkiri also do share them on this forum




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  • Reply sana kausar June 13, 2017 at 6:49 PM

    I read somplace tht it can take away wrinkles. can it?

    • Reply tvinkal June 13, 2017 at 6:52 PM

      Hi Sana, mine is a purely experienced based website. Since I have never tried using Phatkiri to treat wrinkles so I cannot say. One piece of advice though. Phatkiri is very strong and should be used carefully on the face

  • Reply tvinkal June 12, 2017 at 9:02 PM

    Yes Shahrukh you can as Coconut Oil too has qualities that makes it a great Deodorant! However I suggest that guys use a very strong version of the Phatkiri Solution as their Body Odor is naturally stronger then the ladies!
    Thank you for reading!

  • Reply Shahrukh June 12, 2017 at 8:59 PM

    I had heard it was antiseptic but nothing else. Thank you.
    Can I too add cocnut oil to use as a deaodrant

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