Aloe Vera on the Hair

Aloe Vera on the Hair

So hair is always our redeeming asset and a lovely head full will always make heads turn.aloe vera pot

There are lots of natural remedies that can be used to make hair soft as silk and the top one ever is  to use Aloe

on it.

An Aloe Vera Pot should be a must have in any respectable divas house!

From skin care to hair care this is one very versatile plant.

Not to mention that it is on NASA’s list of top plants to have around the house too.

Pollution, Hair Styling and Color Treatment to say nothing of out Dietary Lifestyle all impact our hair strongly.

The best thing that I do for my hair (I think…) is to give it some attention on hair wash day.

Washing it on average every fifth day works for me so it’s not as demanding as it sounds.

I usually oil it or put a mask of egg and yogurt on it.


aloe 2

However when I want the hair to come out especially lovely I take half an aloe leaf. Scoop it all the gel and slather my hair with it. Let it stay for as long as you like and it’s good. Wash as per routine as it needs no special washing instructions. Try it and enjoy awesome shiny super soft manageable hair all wrapped in one!

Do write to me with your feedback!


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