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I gave a lot of thought to the name that I wanted to put on my clothing business. And when I finally decided to give it the name of my daughter it wasn’t because of the usual parental pride but because my daughter is an embodiment of who I am today. As a single woman in a fast evolving society and a culture that is restrained on its view of single women and has yet managed to breed quite a few; my daughter is a symbol of who I am today. A parent, a bread winner, a protector and a mentor and every one of those qualities are deeply embedded in my personality.

Having dabbled in clothes before for a good 5 years I had left it to pursue further education and a very rewarding career in the Private Sector. However for the last few years the itch to get back in the clothing business was recurring more and more and it had nothing to do with anyone and everything to do with me! Pakistan has dozens of very gifted and talented Designers, established Fashion Houses and roaring pret wear chains and here I was with nothing to wear!

To me clothing is fluid and versatile. It should reflect my moods and my temperament. It should not just be a personification of who I am but a background to the canvas of my own personality.

And that is how SBK came about. This line is not for the fainthearted. It is for the Diva who sometimes wants to pile on the jewelry and sometimes just wants her clothes to compliment that oh so gorgeous pair of shoes and sometimes just as a canvas for those smoky eyes. A pret line that tackles your basic evening wear requirements with essentials in a gorgeous wide palette and designs that I can only call ethnic chique.

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