Double Cleanse

Nothing is more beautiful than a healthy, glowing skin. Contrary to popular belief, glowing skin is more than mere

genetics. It is also and actually easily achievable by a regular skin care regimen.

The internet is full of advice, processes and procedures that various skin types can adopt but the reality is that every

skin is a unique living thing that needs to have a customized regimen in order for it to reach its peak potential.

Firstly we need to determine or skin type. Normally there is the three types which are:

  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Combo skin (with forehead, nose and chin being more oily then the rest of the face.

But don’t be fooled. It’s much more than that.

For example I have a combination skin but it veers on dry and if I don’t moisturize it, my skin becomes flaky and flat.

So while its combo in general, it needs some of the special pampering that dry skin requires. Now again my skin is

quite fair but it has a small smattering of freckles and can become quite blotchy if I slip in my daily and weekly skin

care routine. On top of the rest it’s pretty thin so I need to keep that in mind too.



Generally we must follow the following rules of thumb. This is the must must do in of the skin care Bible. Since we all

live in a stressful, polluted environment and for most of us makeup is an essential so this is a route we should not try

to escape.

Beware that face wash and cleanser are not the same! Cleanser is specially designed to target makeup, dust, grime

deep in our pores and if not every day then it’s a must do at least 5 days a week. I normally don’t skip as there are

some days when I want to just crash in bed and those are the days when I leave out the cleanser. As you must have

guessed from my last sentence, it is ideal to keep the actual skin care routine for night time as a pre prep to bed. That

way you can be sure that you have gone into your night time regeneration mode without any of the day’s residue on

your face.

Points to remember

  • Use a cleanser in mild circular motions all over your face.
  • It is advisable to use an eye makeup remover separately in case you use waterproof makeup and prior to the face cleanser.
  • Do not use a strong cleanser because this is part of your daily routine. A harsh cleanser will do your face a lot more damage than just cleaning it. Go for something mild that can slowly but surely take away the pore blockage and remove daily impurities.


While we all know exfoliating is a good thing it needs to be remembered that too much or too less of any thing is


Ideally it’s best to exfoliate once a week. If you have skin that is prone to acne or blackheads like mine then exfoliate

the target areas only. I exfoliate daily. Yeap you heard that right, daily! Only when I have finished cleansing and

before I rinse it off I take a dab of scrub on my finger tips and lightly scrub the nose and chin area. I bypass my

forehead 3 out of four days as it is not an oil or blackhead prone region.

And voila my skin’s oily areas are blackhead free. Once a week I spread it my neck and face and my skin is totally



Second Cleanse:

This is where your face wash comes in. Because this is a second cleanse I always advise a lightly moisturizing face

wash with whitening or brightening or age beneficial properties (whatever is appropriate for your skin. Lightly apply

and rinse and viola, thoroughly cleansed skin will absorb whatever benefit you chose in your face wash and also

scrub away any residues of cleanser and scrub that might be left.


A MUST do. Use an appropriate toner after lightly patting your skin dry. Use something to brighten or moisturize or

control enlarged pores. Again it is not advisable to use a harsh toner with deep cleansing properties.

You can always mix and match. If you are in your 30s or 40s then you can use a face wash that brightens and a toner

that has anti-aging properties or vice versa.


The number of people who do away with this product never fails to amaze me. Never skip on moisturizer even if you

have oily skin. A light to heavy moisturizer depending on your skin needs is a must do after your toner.

Follow this regimen every night. You can follow moisturizer up with a night cream if you like.

You will be surprised at the clarity of your skin in the very first instance!

After a couple of weeks brace yourself for the onslaught of compliments and questions.

If you don’t wear a night cream then just use a cleansing toner in the morning to remove excess oil of the night.

Lightly moisturize and voila your skin is dewy and gorgeous for a new day. In case of an oily skin just your face wash

with toner and moisturizer will do the trick.

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